The Abundance Squad

Join The Abundance Squad where we do the work to transform our thoughts and transform our lives ✨

The Abundance Squad

The Abundance Squad is a members-only group that focuses on doing the work to transform your thoughts in order to transform your life. Founded by Soul Strategist and Transformational Life Coach, Tiffany Roldan-Howell, this extension of the Affirm Your Abundance Podcast was designed to create a community of positivity that helps you, as a member, access the abundance in your own life through various mindset trainings, mindfulness techniques and intimate conversations that you aren't having any where else.

Are you tired of feeling stuck. Like “This is it?!” ?

Tired of your life not matching what you feel you were made for?

Always thought about joining a coaching program but couldn’t find the means?

Or maybe you’ve been on your journey for a while but tired of no one else understanding what you’re going through? 

Hi my name is Tiffany Roldan Howell & That was me too, until I realized the reason I felt so alone is because I wasn’t intentionally being around people who also wanted growth and a peaceful life. For most of us, we not only suffer in silence with our depression, anxiety or past trauma… we also try to heal in silence too, only to feel secluded and unfortunately at times, end up right back where we started. That’s why I created this AYA Platform so people like you and I can come together in an isolated area to strategize, support, and spread love to one another as we experience ourselves release social driven false beliefs and develop to our greatest potential. All without breaking the bank.

Regardless where you are on your self-development journey, 

AYA has you covered!

Here You Have...

Access to Self-Paced Online Learning:

We will have Monthly Webinars on a variety of topics including: 

Internal Connection, inner child work, fear, forgiveness, boundaries, 

and other topics that will help you heal and live life abundantly. 

Live Q&A’s with our founder Tiffany Roldan Howell & any special guest 

she invites to help you explore deeper topics. 

Downloadable Worksheets that can assist you right from your phone. 

Options to engage in challenges that focus on expanding your self-love & self-worth. 

Library of all previously recorded material. 

Peer Support Every Single Day:

Have a genuine community of like-minded people who share your same values 

Participate in daily interactions with your Soul Strategist to help you stay motivated

Feel free to genuinely share your wins and your lessons.

Engage in Conversations that matter with the entire squad or privately with members through our built-in messenger 

Think of this as a social media platform built on Growth & Encouragement, not ad’s and algorithms. 

Plus Discounted and Free Coaching Sessions

Just for being apart of our squad you can receive 25% discount on any coaching program we offer AND automatically become apart of our Ambassador Programs to get FREE Coaching Sessions.

By choosing to be apart of this community for yourself, you are also giving to the greater community of others. Your contributions allow the Affirm Your Abundance podcast to live free on all podcast platforms DAILY helping hundreds of people affirm their own power in over 38 different countries. You also help The AYA Show on YouTube continue to expand as I interview thriving professionals and bring their wisdom and guidance directly to your living room (or cell phone lol). As my way of saying thank you, this group is the only way to have access to my monthly webinars, q&a’s and my consistent communication via this platform.

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